Float and board level indicator is attached to a multi stand wire rope, which passes through 2 nos. friction less specially designed pulleys. The Pulleys in turn are connected to a pointer, which moves on a graduated scale by the side of the tank.

Specifications :

Clear visibility
Powder coated screen printed scale board
Less corrosion powder coated finish
Easy movement nylon roller pointer glides effortlessly
No guide wire specially designed self centering float/Anchor plate optional
Non- stretching multi stand wire rope in SS/PP
Dust free housing for pulleys - minimizing friction in movement
Easy to install, modular design
Vapor tight-version for evaporating fluids


Water, Veg oil, LSHS, Molasses, Caustics, Brine, H2SO4 etc. Vapor sealed for Solvent, Hcl, and NH4OH etc...

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