In conventional system of measurement, the differential pressure generated by orifice plate is measured by D.P. transmitter. The output from D.P. transmitter after square rooting is accepted as proportional to flow - rate. This assumption is true only when density is constant. Unfortunately, density of compressible fluid is never constant. The density of compressible fluid changes with line pressure and line temperature. Thus, by measuring line pressure and temperature and usingthe relevant algorithms, instantaneous density can be found out and also the state of steam (i.e. saturated / superheated) .By knowing the correct density one can compute the accurate mass-flow rate. The further operation of integration, square rooting is similar to ordinary flow Totaliser.

Technical Specifications:

Service : Biogas, Compressed Air, Compressed Gas, LPG, Steam, Other Gases
Size : ½" to 14"
Type of Flow meter : Differential Pressure Type
Flow Element : Orifice / Integral Orifice
MOC Of Flow element : SS 316
Type of Flanges : WNRF (Weld Neck Raised Face)/ SORF (Slip On Raised Face)
MOC of Flange: C.S /S.S/ P.P.
Flange Rating : ANSI 150 / ANSI 300 / ANSI 600
Type Of Taps : Flanged Tapping / CornerTapping / D & D/2
No. Of DP Tappings : 1 Pair
No. Of Drain Tappings : 1 Pair
Design Standard : BS - 1042 / ISO : 5167
Accuracy : ± 3% of actual reading
Typical Turndown : 10:3

Various Features :

Robust and Simple Design
Proven Design
Suitable for Almost All Types of Fluids
First Principle Device - Which never Fails
Proven Solution for Flow Measurement
Very nominal cost compared to other flow elements
Zero Maintenance


Isolation Valves
Condensing Pots
Manifold (H Type, T Type)

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