Reflex level gauges are commonly used for level detection within a specific vessel, and the primary principle is based on the difference in refractive indices of vapor and liquid.

Reflex gauges, also referred to as prismatic level gauges, offer a well-defined image of water levels. This reduces risks of distortions or reading areas. Because of this, a reflex level gauge can be installed in a tilt-view or vertical position to produce even greater accuracy in readings along with a much better degree of reliability. As imagined, this is highly beneficial for many industries.

Using the prism glass, a reflex level gauge accurately measures liquid inside the vessel. When light hits the glass where there is no liquid, the prism reflects the light directly out of the gauge. Known as the "dry" area, a silver color is displayed while the "wet" part is displayed in black. The contrasting colors create a clear delineation line that makes it easy to view the measurement.

Applications :

Reflex glass level gauges can be used in most of the cases and offer great advantages in terms of: low initial cost, low operating cost, easy level reading.
Reflex level gauges cannot be used in certain cases as for example:
When the separation level between two liquids has to be read (interface)
When besides the level indication, the observation of the liquid colour is required
When the process fluid is high-pressure water steam, since in this case the glass must be protected from the solvent action of the boiler water by using mica shields
When the process fluid is such that can corrode the glass (e.g. high temperature alkaline solutions or hydrofluoric acid), since ica shields or Polytrifluorochloroethylene shields must be used to protect the glass

Specifications :

Orientation of Process Connection : Top - Bottom Vertical / Side-Side Right / Side-Side Left
Process Connection : Flange Connection / Screwed Connection
Connection Size : 15 NB to 50 NB
MOC of Liquid Chamber : CS /A 105 / SS 304 / SS 316 / 5S 316L
MOC of Cover Plate : CS /A 105 / SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L
Drain and Vent : ½" NPT / ½" Ball Valve / ½" Needle Valve
Isolation Valves: Screwed Bonnet / Bolted Bonnet with Auto ball check
Gasket : CAF / PTFE / Graphoil
Toughened Glass : Indigenous / Klinger or Maxos Make
Scale : Aluminium / SS / Acrylic
Stud Bolts & Nut : ASTM A 193 Gr. B7 - ASTM A 194 Gr. 2H

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