Thermowell is a closed-end re-entrant tube designed for insertion of a temperature-sensing element, and provided with means for a pressure- tight attachment to a vessel.

These are typically constructed of solid drilled-out bar stock and are designed to protect a temperature sensor from flow, high pressure and harsh environments. Thermowells encase and protect temperature sensors from the harmful effects of the processes into which they are immersed without substantially insulating the temperature sensor (thermocouple, RTD, etc.) from the temperature of the process.

Threaded Type:

These type of Thermowells are used in industry
where well will not beremoved on regular basis

Common Applications: Small Pipes & Vessels, Non-Corrosive Media

Flanged Type:

These type of Thermowells are used for applications which required frequent removal or replacement of wells due to corrosion or other hazard.

Common Applications: Large Pipes; High Pressure and High Corrosion.

Welded Type:

These type of Thermowells are directly welded to pipe or vessel which gives High Quality Connection. Since they are welded, cannot be removed easily. They should only be used when access is not required and corrosion is not an issue

Common Applications: High Temperature, High Pressure, Non-Corrosive Area.

Sanitary Type :

These type of Thermowells are normally fitted with TC connections. It has smooth surface which allows easy cleaning, this prevents contamination of process.

Common Applications: Dairy, Food Processing, and Pharmaceutical.

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